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Is Technical Insight built into your mobile strategy?
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Trade Ideas, Customization,  live charts

Trade Ideas, Customization,  live charts

Why offer Technical Insight® in mobile?

With some US brokerages experiencing a 35-50% increase in the number of logins on mobile throughout 2020, the case for mobile enhancements within everyone’s product strategy is clear. That's why we've made it simple for you to harness the actionable, award-winning analytics known to engage your investors within your mobile website or app.

The tips below are tried and true with one North American broker seeing an 87% increase in investors reached within 2 months of implementation!

+35% in Mobile Logins

Investopedia reported many brokers have experienced a 35-50% increase in logins from mobile devices in 2020.

45% of Millennials

JD Power's wealth management mobile app study found that 45% of millennials said they used mobile channels more in 2020.

50% of trades

One US Broker reported 50% of trades were placed on mobile throughout 2018. With new investor cohorts preferring mobile, many expect this figure to rise.

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1. Embed the lookup in your mobile app

With 80% of Technical Insight®'s usage coming from direct searches, embedding our easy Technical Summary Score lookup is a quick win! We know you need flexible integration options to match your technology strategy which is why we have three efficient options:

  1. Use our API to build your own unique mobile experience!
  2. Leverage our mobile-ready UI to:
  • Lauch to web from your native app
  • Embed Technical Insight within a web container in your app

2. Offer portfolio-driven Insight

At the recent Online Broker Summit, Sean McDermott showed examples of how three leading brokers are leveraging client data to provide personalized, proactive investor support. We're big supporters of this trend because it benefits both you and your  customers!

Most investor logins involve checking their account, but don’t necessarily involve your research centre. That's why we recommend embedding our Summary Score within your watchlist and holding pages. Providing this concise directional outlook on the instruments your customers care about most is proven to draw people deeper into your research.

3. Set up easy alerts

Alert emails are the 2nd most popular entry point into Technical Insight, and nearly half are opened on a phone. When you launch or embed our mobile-ready app, it includes easy setup of alerts for your customers.

Push notifications are a significant source of consumer attention on mobile, so why not take alerts a step further to take advantage of this channel to keep your investors informed? Our API makes it possible for your app developers to set and get alerts to build into your own services. Ask us how to optimize the frequency of notification for your investors.

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