Our goal is to help your brokerage business grow.

When you partner with Trading Central®, our team becomes an extension of yours. This means you gain access to our in-house integration, marketing and user experience specialists to ensure optimal results from your TC tools. Here’s just a few of the great services you can expect:

Dedicated account manager

We provide every customer with a go-to contact for all their needs, from setting up sales training, connecting you to marketing support or sourcing mockups.

Onboarding assistance

Weither you're licensing our beautiful pre-built Iframes or our developer-friendly APIs, our team of integration experts are here to help with a kick-off call, help materials, and customized support.

Detailed usage reports

We'll let you know how your customers are enjoying their new investment analytics on a regular basis. Our UX team is always on hand to share best practices for optimal adoption and engagement.

Marketing resources

We make showcasing your TC tools and attracting new investors a breeze. Our library of pre-built promotional support helps you differentiate yourself quickly. Learn more!

Educational events

Our global team of registered financial advisers is here to help build confident investors through webinars, speaking opportunities and blogs! Learn about our research team!

Industry events

We host a variety of broker-only events to connect you with the trends, new technologies and solutions driving change in today's markets. Discover our recent and upcoming broker events.

Plug-and-Play Marketing Support

From professional product tutorial videos, to interactive user guides and pre-built promotional webpages, Trading Central has what you need to attract, educate and engage new customers. Our promotional resource library lets you pick and choose the resources needed to support your public website or platform, while our in-house consultants are here to help tailor content and advise on best practices. Here’s just a quick look at the tools our customers benefit from:

Sample landing page
TC landing pages

Attract new investors by showcasing premium, independent research. Our pages pull together resources for different TC services such as newsletter signups, links to your platform, and promotional product videos.

Sample User Guide
Educational tools

Educate your investors on trading fundamentals and how to harness TC products to optimize their trading strategies with our ready-to-launch user guides and video tutorials!

view resource library
Build your own

We have all the resources you need to make your business’ promotional dreams come true… Explore our product descriptions, animated screen captures, and recommended PPC keywords.

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